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Nettleton Public School Offsite Learner Help Desk

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Offsite Learners Meal Grab & Go Form

Pickup days are on Mondays. Please fill out this form for your students meal reservation. Deadline is Thursday at noon for the following Monday.

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Camp Raider will be closed the week of November 23-27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.


Basketball Season Information

We know there are a lot of questions about basketball season. Raider Gym normally seats 1200, but due to COVID guidelines, we have to skip every other row, keep the cheerleaders, dancers and benches 12 feet from the floor, and social distance as much as possible. This limits our seating in the gym to about 275 total spectators for all basketball games this season.

Our priority is to provide a safe season for our athletes and make sure their immediate family members are able to get into the games to see them play. 

Tickets for junior high games will be sold at the door on a first come, first serve basis with less than 100 tickets available each night. Once those are sold out, no one else will be admitted.  

Sr. High games will be handled on a voucher system and fans must have a season pass or a voucher (which allows a ticket to be purchased) in order to be admitted to the game.  

Non-conference games when a junior high team and a senior high team are both playing will be handled like a junior high event and a limited number of tickets will be sold at the door.

NPS staff will also be required to have a voucher, season pass, or purchase a ticket in order to attend. We will not be able to provide free passes into any events this season. AAA passes will be honored as long as it is accompanied with a voucher or a paid season pass.

Our home senior high games will be available on 94.1 as well as live streamed on our Nettleton Public Schools Facebook page for those unable to attend or get a seat.  

Thank you for your understanding and Go Raiders!!!

Veterans Day Program

This year because of Covid our students were unable to host our annual Veterans Day Program on campus.

Our students have done an amazing virtual Veterans Day program to honor and to remember each man and woman who has served our great nation. We are thankful for their service and sacrifices they have made for our freedom.


2020 Digital Open Houses











Ready for School Resources

Updated Information Posted!!!

A new FAQ page has been posted to our website with the latest information regarding the 2020-2021 school year. Please continue to visit the link below for the most current answers to all of your questions about returning to school.

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Vision and Mission Statement

Whatever it takes for every child…


The mission of Nettleton School District is to provide an educationally progressive environment that is safe, diverse and accepting for all students.

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