3rd graders reflect about MLK Day

I have a dream!!! Our 3rd grade STEAMers are reflecting on what Martin Luther King Jr Day means to them and what they hope for the future.
at 22 January 2021

5th Grade STEAMers will participate in Math Competition Saturday

We are so proud of these 5th grade STEAMers for participating in a virtual Arkansas Math Competition this Saturday in conjunction with Lisa Academy School. We know that they will represent STEAM well!!


#puttingtheMinSTEAM #futureleaders #mathrocks

at 21 January 2021

We have new signage on the front of STEAM!!

Nettleton STEAM has new signage on the front of our building!!! We want to give a shoutout to Crenshaw Signs for making this amazing new sign that will help commemorate our year of NASA PBLs and our “once in a lifetime” moment of conversing with astronauts aboard the International Space Station. #steamandastateeducatingthefinalfrontier
at 21 January 2021

The Great Kindness Challenge App

A new app is being downloaded on all iPads - The Great Kindness Challenge App - Home Edition. Check it out!!
at 21 January 2021

The Great Kindness Challenge Dress Up Days

STEAM will be participating in The Great Kindness Challenge next week, January 25-29, and the dress up days are down below:

Also, teachers will be watching for acts of kindness that students do, and their name and act will be added to confetti pieces that will be added to the wall next to our MLK mural. Parent notes are coming home soon about these activities.

#letkindnessfalllikeconfetti #thegreatkindnesschallenge

at 21 January 2021

NASA projects and Arkansas IDEAS Partnerships


Our STEAMers in grades 3-6 have been constructing water filtration devices, robotic arms, plant growth chambers, and pressurized astronaut suits in preparation for the downlink event on December 10.  PBS has interviewed some of our students and teachers about these amazing projects for their upcoming Arkansas IDEAS teacher professional development course that should go live in March.


at 18 December 2020

NASA In-Flight Downlink Event

Our STEAMers and the entire state of Arkansas experienced an event of a lifetime on December 10, 2020.  STEAM students got a chance to ask questions of Dr. Rubins and Dr. Walker, astronauts aboard the International Space Station.  We had over 120,000 participants across the world that tuned in to watch this historic event.  
at 18 December 2020