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To register a child for school, a parent/guardian of an elementary, middle, junior high, or Nettleton High School child should visit our online registration site where you can REGISTER NOW!

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Documents Needed for Registration



1.   Proof of age - One of the following:

• Original birth record (with an official raised seal)

• Baptismal or church certificate (notarized/certified and showing the date of birth)

• Hospital certificate

• Parent’s affidavit

• Valid Passport

• Physician certificate

• Previously verified school records

• Driver’s license

• Life insurance policy


2.  Immunization status - one of the following:

Official state immunization form.

• Written statement by a physician stating that the physical condition of the child warrants a medical exemption from vaccinations

• A written statement signed by the parent/guardian that the child’s religious denomination opposes tests and vaccinations


3.  Proof of residency

One document from category A and two documents from category B below:


Category A

• Deed showing ownership of property within the school district

• Mortgage statement that provides property description

• Settlement sheet that provides property description, and/or a property tax bill listing building and land containing the name(s) of the mortgagee(s)/property owner(s)

• Lease or a notarized Landlord Affidavit that includes the property PIN number.  The lease shall be current and must indicate the term of the lease, the address of the leased property, the name of the property owner, the name of the lessee, and a listing of tenants


Category B

• Valid driver’s license showing physical address of residence

• Valid state photo identification card showing physical address of residence

• Public assistance or social security issued within the past thirty (30) days showing physical address of residence

• Any other documentation within the past thirty (30) days deemed relevant by the school district indicating the physical address of residence (e.g. current utility bill, current credit card or current vehicle registration)Utility Bill (or deposit receipt)

• Cable Bill (or deposit receipt)

• Proof of voters registration at current address

• Insurance Covering property at the new address

• Assessed property in the new district

• Proof of address change from post office

• Any bill received with their name and address


Other Documents

School staff may ask for any of the following when appropriate:

• Completion of the school district’s Student Registration Form

• Picture Identification

• Health or physical examination records

• Academic records

• Attendance records

• Special Education records  (IEP/504)

• Completed physical examination

• Custody papers

• A copy of the court order or custody agreement is required to be provided if the parents are separated or divorced and the enrolling parent is relying on the order or agreement as to the basis for enrolling the child


Kindergarten students registering for the first time will also need the following:

• Social Security Card

• Current Physical (Must be within the last year)