Nettleton Junior High School



At Nettleton, we know that every child is different. We know that they have different interests and passions, they learn differently, and that one size does not fit all. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure our students succeed. We have committed to offering as many academic and extra-curricular choices as possible for students to discover who they are. At Nettleton Junior High School, we continue many of the tracks students started in our intermediate schools through Project Lead the Way and project based-learning and expound on their options with multiple electives across many disciplines. All students also have the opportunity to participate in EAST. We offer seven sports for students to choose from as well as numerous art, club, and extra-curricular opportunities.


Building Administration

Chris Moss, Principal





Wade Massey, Assistant Principal





Cara Sims, Assistant Principal





Nettleton Junior High School

4208 Chieftain Lane •  870-910-7819